WINNER of the 10th and final CRASH THE SUPER BOWL!

Thank you to all of the fans that supported us, voted, and made this dream come true!

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The doritos dogs story

Travis Braun (left) and Jacob Chase (right) with the Doritos Dogs

Travis Braun (left) and Jacob Chase (right) with the Doritos Dogs

Ever walk into a grocery store, and pass a dog staring through the windows at all the delicious snacks inside? Jacob Chase and Travis Braun have. That’s why they created Doritos Dogs, a humorous look at what three dogs stuck outside a grocery store can do with a little teamwork and some big appetites.


Doritos Dogs is now the WINNER of the 2016 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest. Produced for $1,000 and shot in Redlands, California at Gerrards Market, the commercial stars three rescue dogs, one of which is Jacob’s own pup! Jacob and Travis hope to show the world just how talented, smart, and loving rescue dogs can be.



Our Team


I was rescued from a shelter in South Los Angeles. I am some sort of Terrier, possibly mixed with a yeti. My full name is Misery and I got called that because I was not a very happy pup when I first met my family. I didn't know what humans were. Now I love my family and I am no longer miserable so they call me "Miz" for short!


I am a rescue from Japan. I am a Saint Bernard and Australian Shepard mix. I love being on movie sets! My best friend is named Gary and he feeds me delicious food. Sometimes, I don't remember how big I am and I knock people down with my hugs. 


I was rescued in Georgia. I am a Border Collie. You may have seen me in "Hotel for Dogs." My hobbies include tennis although I don't need to use one of those silly racquets. I also like to shake hands with humans. They have such weird paws. 



Jacob Chase


Jacob’s childhood dog was a rambunctious Rhodesian Ridgeback who taught him how important a dog’s love can be. Jacob and his faithful canine would make movies together in the backyard to show friends and family. While the pup ultimately decided a life in the film industry wasn’t for her, Jacob pursued filmmaking full-time and is now trying to catch his big break with the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest. Jacob thinks the hardest part about making a commercial with dogs is not playing with them for long enough to get the shot.



Travis was born and raised on a 100-acre ranch in west Texas with two Chocolate Labradors that loved to slobber on faces. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of writing TV and features and, at 25, is one of the youngest Doritos Crash the Super Bowl finalists. If the ad wins the $1 million prize, he and director Jacob Chase plan to produce their own movie, the first feature ever written, starring and directed entirely by a dog (or at least participating in some capacity). Travis’ bark is indeed worse than his bite, but that’s just because he’s not very good at barking. 

Chris Pentzell


Chris has spent his 20+ years in Hollywood acting, performing stand-up comedy and improv as well as writing comedy screenplays. All of his ambition and success is merely a subterfuge, however, to hide the fact that he’ll never achieve his one true dream: to be a dog.  Ah the life! Sleeping, sniffing and eating.  What more is there, really?  He spent his childhood days in Toledo, Ohio gazing longingly at his family’s Cockapoo, Bushy, and his Carin Terrier-Poodle mix, Winnie.  Even into adulthood, he desperately envies his Basset Hound, Bodhi. Working with dogs may be as close as he’ll get to his idea of bliss.  Or maybe if he’s cast in a movie AS a dog! … One can only dream.

Karina Bonnefil


Growing up with a poodle in Haiti was one of the highlights of Karina's childhood. As her trusted sidekick, Suzy was always by Karina's side and when the family moved to Kansas for a new life, Suzy helped her pack! Karina always wanted to connect with people through communications and hosting, but it was her love of the art of acting that led her to the big and small screen. In her spare time, you will often find her eating Doritos - Cool Ranch is her fave. Being part of the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest is a dream come true for Karina. The time spent with all those awesome dogs reminded her so much of her beloved Suzy!


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